The Runaway

And just when you thought I couldn't get more 70's inspired... Since I've been a bit slow on posting lately (making silk dresses for textiles is harder than it looks) I haven't even had the chance to share my new hair! It's inspired by superbabes Cherie Currie, Agnetha Fältskog and Stevie Nicks and it's surprisingly liberating to let the world see my eyebrows.

The idea for this outfit had been brewing in my mind for a long time before I managed to assemble it due to the mammoth task finding the perfect flared jeans. These ones are vintage from eBay, but were a little bit too long so I shortened them myself - a handy thing for short people like me. The amazing rainbow t-shirt is from Ragged Priest's last season, and I just can't get over how groovy it is, especially paired with the jeans. If you're on the hunt for the 70's style vibe, I say never give up.

Words: Sophie
Photography: Hannah
Model: Sophie


The Tassle Belt

More tassles? Well, it seems you really can never get enough. Today I'm wearing a mashed up ensemble featuring my latest style steal - the tassle belt. Procured from my favourite vintage store, this badboy goes with basically everything in my wardrobe, especially this suede skirt which you've seen before here and here.

Knee high boots, a velvet scarf and a denim jacket finish the look. Although if I'm honest, it's way too cold in England to wear this outside for more than 20 minutes, so I'm saving this look for spring. It seems crisp winter mornings have gotten the better of me.

Words: Sophie
Photography: Hannah
Model: Sophie


Ode to Bowie

In December, Hannah and I dressed up for a  Fantasy Orchestra performance in Bristol which was Bowie themed, so if there's ever a better time to post this, it's now. Bowie has always been a very important part of my life and has given me so much inspiration in terms of fashion, music and style. With his passing brings great sadness, but it's also a time where we can reflect on his many different personas and records which made him a star. Our personal favourite is of course Ziggy Stardust who shimmers like a starman destined for greatness, yet breaks under the pressure.

Bowie was never afraid to reinvent himself which is something we can learn from, especially as life is short. Wear that silver jumpsuit, slap on the avant garde make up and show the world you're a rock n' roll star. So here's to Bowie, my favourite alien who fell to Earth.

Words: Sophie
Photography: Hannah and Sophie
Model: Hannah and Sophie
Bowie images: 1 and 2


January Blooms

In these wintry days we need groovy prints to keep away the blues. Hannah is doing just that in this funky skirt from Zara with its browny-orangy tones and 70's inspired pattern. It even has braces! Amazing!

Of course, one of the best things to pair a statement skirt with is a classic camel coloured coat, perfect for the 'invigorating' winter winds coming our way. Top it off with a black roll neck and knee high boots and you're ready to hit the highway. Hannah is also rocking the yellow tinted glasses due to the unassuming sun which frankly is blinding.

Words: Sophie
Photography: Sophie
Model: Hannah
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