Far Out, Far East

Usually I find that charity shops are a bit hit and miss. However, when you hit the jackpot it's truly the greatest thing ever. Hannah picked up this oriental masterpiece in Cheltenham, an absolute score on the vintage front. This Sargent Pepper vibe jacket is hand-embroidered The dress underneath, which was also a charity shop find, is a velvety number - and changes colour in different lighting!

As you may have noticed here, we've caved in to buying the classic black-suede-knee-high-boots, but with a twist. Due to our slightly tighter student budgets (let's be realistic) both of us managed to get boots at an affordable price from eBay. Did we mean to get matching ones? Maybe...

As the winter draws near, it's getting somewhat chilly in old England so get ready for our mass of winter coats coming soon to That's Groovy!

Words: Sophie
Photography: Sophie
Model: Hannah



Have you heard about Boohoo's new collab with Charli XCX? This season's new collection by our very own rad pop chick has landed and it's ready to rock. 

When Boohoo asked me to style a 90's inspired outfit, I immediately thought grunge (I have listened to my fair share of Pearl Jam and Nirvana). I picked out the mesh top because I've been looking for the perfect one for ages, to me it just screams 90's and I've found that it seems to go with everything. I paired it with this bralet which is rather groovy - I think Hannah is in the midst of stealing it - and it matched the mesh so well. I also got the jeans from Boohoo, and they are the most comfy things ever! 

To finish the look I added a charity shop flannel shirt (it was very cold), my beautifully destroyed Doc Martens and the earrings and choker as a homage to Charli herself.

So head down to her new collection while you can, as it's limited edition! My favourites are the sparkly slip dress, the sassy gladiator skirt, and the brightest yellow fur scarf I've ever seen.

Words: Sophie
Photography: Hannah
Model: Sophie

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