The Trip Out & Goodwood

As far as retro events go, we've seen it all! In September, Hannah, me and some others explored what Britain has to offer in the world of old vehicles, fashion and music.

The Trip Out

The Trip Out is one of my favourite events of the yearThis small but unorthodox party brings together some of the grooviest car and motorbike enthusiasts from all across Europe. But we're not just talking about enthusiasts that have a love for stock vintage motors that have come straight out of the factory. Oh no. We are talking about groups of people that have a passion for designing, building and altering their own rides. Practicality is thrown out the window as motors get faster, slicker, more outrageous.

This show also features groovy bands, this year there was a Doors tribute band The Doors Alive, who are the closest we'll ever get to the real thing. In the day there are vintage clothes stalls to peruse, skating competitions, a bomberdrome and of course The Meyer Dancers who are the grooviest go-go dancers ever! There is also the chance to win a custom motorbike every year, but we haven't managed to win one yet. Still, a funky weekend!

The Goodwood Revival

Whilst the Trip Out is a small event which focuses on alternative trends, The Goodwood Revival is one of the biggest vintage events in Europe, and engages with the history of motor sport. The dress code is either 40's, 50's or 60's attire, so of course we went for some 60's outfits!

There is so much to do including watching car racing on the Goodwood race track, going shopping and listening to the rad retro tunes - you could even spend the whole time looking in the car park to be honest. Amongst the jukeboxes and jerry cans there's a very real feel to the whole place - the high street installation featuring the 1950's Tesco feels so authentic that I'm sure I've travelled back in time.

Words: Sophie
Photography: Hannah and Sophie
Models: Sophie, Hannah and Oscar


Teal Tassles

What would you do if you saw the most beautiful unique jacket in the world, but only had a few pennies left? You'd buy it of course! Well I would. Especially if it's this green fringed suede masterpiece.

I came across this holy jacket in one of my favourite vintage stores Urban Fox, which has served me well in recent years, and fell in love with it immediately. Over the summer I've been wearing this piece so much that I feel it's become a part of me and seems to go with everything I own.

Here I've styled it with a Topshop velvet bralet, a vintage suede skirt (you can see my love of suede is extravagant) and River Island boots with knee socks. I threw on a few jazzy necklaces too - the shorter one was procured by Hannah from a festival we went to this year!

Have you ever come across a similar jacket or have a western fringed beauty at home and have no idea what to wear with it? A fail safe option is to go for a skirt in a coordinating colour or heavy jeans like the ones Hannah styled here. Match jewellery to the buttons and other metal features and off you go!

Words: Sophie
Photography: Hannah
Model: Sophie


Ziggy's Festival Guide

As you may be able to guess through my Instagram, Twitter and general lack of blogging, I have been to a few festivals this year. After scouring through many a photo, I have compiled some of the best taken at these festivals. Excuse the awful quality though, most were taken on 35mm film so the quality is a bit hit and miss.


When: 29 - 31 May 2015
Where: Cheltenham
Sophie Stars: 3/5

To kick off the festival season I went to Wychwood Festival with a small group friends. This is a local one for us which is held at the Cheltenham Racecourse. I sang along to UB-40 and the Undertones and we had a jolly old time. Even though it's mainly a family festival, the silent disco is always amazing because they play the best old tunes.


When: 24 - 29 June 2015
Where: Somerset
Sophie Stars: 5/5

I don't even know where to start with Glastonbury Festival. 5 days, over 100 stages and 200,000 people is a concoction of fun waiting to happen. To sum it up really, I would say that it is the formation of a utopia filled with music, shops, bars, dance tents, camp fires, cabaret, green charities and people who all believe in it deeply and never want to leave. Every single person there wants to be there and there's an amazing sense of anonymity as every person you smile at, dance with and have a meaningful chat with you will probably never see again. 

So when you think that Glastonbury is just a couple of famous bands on a triangular shaped stage remember, that there is so much going on behind the scenes. And what makes it better than the others? The endless work that it done for the main charities Oxfam, Greenpeace and WaterAid and of course CND. And also the beautiful and non-subtle lefty attitudes seen everywhere, but especially in Shangri-Hell.

And my favourite part? Being able to say I saw the Mothership (including Funkadelic) instead of Kanye.

2000 Trees

When: 10 - 12 July 2015
Where: Gloucestershire
Sophie Stars: 3/5

Another local one, 2000 Trees is the kind of festival where I have to keep myself slightly on the straight and narrow because it's too likely that I'll bump into someone I know. As always it was fun and among the surplus of alright rock bands the Skints were amazing, and not-to-mention it was the official start of a Bowie-tastic journey that would last 4 weeks until the inevitable rock and roll suicide.


When: 17 - 19 July 2015
Where: Oxfordshire
Sophie Stars: 4/5

Four friends and I set off on a journey to the heart of England with few resources and a limited knowledge of what was actually playing at Truck Festival. Some highlights were seeing Temples (pictured below) who were so cool, playing 21 with dilapidated Egyptian playing cards and seeing Blue Monday live which was if I'm honest was one of the happiest moments of my life. Big shout out to Hester and her friends for being groovy and Withnail and I for protecting me from the lethal mosh during Fat White Family.


When: 24 - 27 July 2015
Where: Herefordshire
Sophie Stars: 5/5

Everything that is seen heard and felt at Nozstock is absolutely home-grown - a result of being a recurrently gate-crashed garden party turned small festival. I don't think I could recommend it more, despite the torrential rain and neck-breaking mud slides it was the most rad weekend. I took part in a Ziggy Stardust flashmob (ticked off my to do list), wore some crazy headdresses made Hannah and our friend Molly and raved at Tribe of Frog till it shut down at dawn. Perfect if you love soul, hip hop, reggae and all things extra-terrestrial.

Y Not

When: 31 July - 3 Aug 2015
Where: Derbyshire
Sophie Stars: 4/5

Y Not Festival was an unlikely hero. Tucked up in Derbyshire countryside you would not think that you would find yourself in a thousand-strong crowd singing along to The Next Episode with Snoop Dogg himself. We also got to meet Slaves, with whom I had a lovely chat about Kent, and who I also ended up seeing thrice this summer. Crazy. I would also recommend this festival for after band entertainment - there's a good selection of dance tents, a silent disco and even fire dancers. The dress theme this year was "what did you want to be when you were 10", however as my hair is now too long to emulate Jim Morrison, I had to cop out with old Ziggy again.

I hope you enjoyed this little summary of my festival season. I was told by a woman at Truck that not only had she seen New Order back in the 80's, but I also have many years of festivals ahead of me to enjoy. 

Did you go to any festivals this year? Would you recommend them?

Words: Sophie
Photography: Anyone and everyone


The Lampshade Dress

Behold, the Lampshade Dress! This outfit is pretty simple - being only one item - but is none-the-less a beautiful specimen. Hannah picked this up from Urban Fox which is one of our favourite vintage shops in Bristol (it's literally retro heaven) not too long ago. The print on this piece reminds me of A William Morris/Liberty London love-child. And the reason it's called the Lampshade Dress? The bottom flares out like a little lampshade.

The only things that needs to be teamed with this dress are some mad eyeliner flicks worthy of an award and a free-wheeling 1960's spirit. If shoes are your thing, perhaps some black knee-highs or jazzy smoking slippers, and in this British weather you WILL need a coat.

See Hannah in more 60's style garb here.

What would you wear this dress  with?

Words: Sophie 
Photography: Sophie
Model: Hannah
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