Late Summer Suede

It's the return of all things groovy! Due to having a broken computer, tickets to 7 festivals and an overall lack of work, it seems I've taken a blog break. But don't worry I'm back and I've brought my sister Hannah with me to contribute styling, modelling and photography. We've also updated the About page which you can check out here!

As it is now late summer I thought I would share this funky outfit which I procured from Glastonbury Festival, featuring this insane suede patch skirt. I have seen a few like this around the high street this year, but this being a vintage piece feels so much better. I swooped into possibly the greatest vintage shop at Glastonbury - which I went to two years prior - and when I caught sight of it I jumped at the chance. 

I have teamed this radical skirt with something just as groovy - this hand-embroidered-Stevie-Nicks-esque-peasant-blouse. The puffy sleeves and little tie at the front took me back to 1975, and don't you just love the colourful embroidery? I've also thrown on some vintage shades, River Island boots and a home-made ring to finish the look. To update this outfit for winter I will be wearing it with knee-high boots, a fluffy coat and a black hat.

Words: Sophie 
Photography: Hannah
Model: Sophie


  1. That skirt is lovely! :)

    www.laurcaud.co.uk / Lifestyle Blog

  2. Love this combo! I think for Winter, wearing it with knee high boots and a black jacket is going to look so great.

    1. Thank you Katie, I'm almost excited for the winter because of it! x

  3. I am in love with your outfit, especially the skirt! You look good!


  4. Your outfit looks lovely!


  5. love your skirt



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