Roller Skating Saturdays

As we all know, thrifting is my favourite thing, but what better to find than some retro roller-skates from the 70's in my grandad's shed? After spotting them I realised that they were exactly my size - I put them on straight away. Of course it took some swivelling around the floor and moral support before I could skate with even a little bit of confidence. They are quite daunting - like having two mini skateboards strapped to your feet!

When I thought about styling them, I instantly thought of my vintage Nada Nuff vest which I picked up in Bristol a while ago. The pink and yellow perfectly matches that of the skates! I put it together with some old Levi shorts which I reworked with scissors and dye and a black velvet bralet from Topshop

Have you ever been roller-skating? Would you try it?



Mermaid Magic

This is a garm unlike any other. THE top. Whilst flicking through the sample sale at The Ragged Priest - again, yes - I came across this full-sequinned beauty and stole it for a tenner. On screen it may look rather normal but when the sequins are pushed up they turn from iridescent greeny-blue to matt black. Magic? Indeed.

This is always my party go-to as it is of course a crowd pleaser, a very interactive top! The trick to making it work is to keep the rest simple - here I've teamed it with an American Apparel skirt and River Island shoes. Also as its a cropped and chunky shape you have to make sure not to drown yourself in other fabrics, especially for petites like me. 

What do you think of this top? Would you wear it?



My Generation

Return of retro Hannah! If you're a regular reader you'll know that my sister has appeared in many of my blog posts including that Cadillac shoot. Not to mention, she takes the pictures for pretty much every shoot we do. So she's an influential part of this blog.

Whilst in out grandparent's house, we noticed the interior has been untouched from the 60's and 70's which means wacky wallpaper, green sinks and mesh lamps which leave a patterned shadow across the walls. We picked out a dress from Topshop which of course matches perfectly and voila! A retro shoot from heaven. You can just imagine a teenager from the 60's trapped in idle domesticity, listening to The Who on Radio Caroline, dreaming of escaping to Swinging London.



Insta Summary - April 2015

 It seems this month I have taken most of my pictures on film - polaroid and 35mm. The weather has been so good lately, which means of course I have taken loads of pictures for outfit posts, which will be up here very soon! I'm also in the process of my art textiles and photography exams which is stressful but at least art is fun, right? 

1- Polaroids in the countryside
2- Our scandi-inspired Easter tree
3- A disposable photo out-take from the gross t-shirt shoot
4- 35mm adventures with my friend Eden
5- Mermaid make-up for another shoot!
6- Pensive and dreamy vibes in Bristol

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