Crochet Vibes At ASOS

JACKET / SKIRT (sold out)

BRALET // SKIRT (sold out)

For the first time in my life my ability to crochet may actually come in handy. I found this conundrum whilst flicking through the latest Asos magazine, where to my surprise and delight I discovered that crochet is making a comeback. Asos, as you can see, are feeling the crochet vibes which is getting me - and probably everyone - super excited for summer! I'm taking inspiration from bralets especially, and as I type I am creating my own which will soon be posted here on That's Groovy. Not to mention a white crochet top would go really well with my hippy trousers

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the April sunshine and not really getting any of my artwork done, but at least my crochet collection will be (hopefully) pretty groovy. 



Totally Gross

With the spring making a sudden appearance this week, I hopped outside to relish in the sunshine - even with thick black Levi's on. Taking centre stage today is a t-shirt I've been coveting for months, the wonderful Ragged Priest 'Gross' t-shirt. This item is taken from a collection of like-wise pieces splattered with slogans such as 'party hard' and 'jokes'. 

I've paired it with my 20-sizes-too-big black jeans which to be perfectly honest, are the most comfortable things I've ever worn. Thrown into the ensemble are some boots which I bought from River Island recently, and of course a lil' old Spaniel. 



Insta Summary - March 2015

Another month over and the arrival of spring! This has been an exciting month, even though exams are coming up soon and the weight of art coursework is substantial and expanding. Now I'm just anticipating summer...

1- Late night watercolouring
2- Recieved my Ragged Priest package - will be up on the blog soon!
3- Make-up inspired by Asos magazine
4- More wall-hangings
5- Sipping jasmine tea
6- Our Doc Martens collection

You can view more summaries here and my Instagram here!


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