Power Trousers

Do you ever feel sometimes that your trousers are just too skinny? Well, after a euphoric epiphany I found myself out of favour of such tight leg-wear, and have since been inclined to let loose and give myself the freedom that only hippy trousers can give. Whilst on a trip to the beautiful town of Totnes in Devon,  my dreams came true and I discovered this pair tucked away in a cosy independent establishment, which I just had to buy. 

Since then, I have prospered in the world of baggy trouser vibes and have felt the full benefits. Here I've thrown them together with an old Topshop top and I am joined by an all-important wall hanging - central to my life.To anyone willing to start a collection, I salute you, and may your days be forever comfortable and full of life.



  1. These trousers look super comfy! Fab!
    Jennie Emma

  2. You look great, those trousers look like the comfiest things ever!

    Natasha | www.ofthesaints.uk

  3. I bought a similar pair in Italy a couple of years ago and have recently bought several more toned down versions in Primark. They are sooo comfy and now as soon as I get home I change into one of my pairs and let loose!

    Amy at Amy & More

    1. That's so good to hear! I do exactly the same thing x

  4. LOVE the ballet style wrap top :) looks lovely on you! xx


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