Power Trousers

Do you ever feel sometimes that your trousers are just too skinny? Well, after a euphoric epiphany I found myself out of favour of such tight leg-wear, and have since been inclined to let loose and give myself the freedom that only hippy trousers can give. Whilst on a trip to the beautiful town of Totnes in Devon,  my dreams came true and I discovered this pair tucked away in a cosy independent establishment, which I just had to buy. 

Since then, I have prospered in the world of baggy trouser vibes and have felt the full benefits. Here I've thrown them together with an old Topshop top and I am joined by an all-important wall hanging - central to my life.To anyone willing to start a collection, I salute you, and may your days be forever comfortable and full of life.



Street Artiste

I went on a long weekend to Bristol recently and while I was there we took a trip along the groovy Gloucester Road - home of some of the best street art Bristol has to offer. Amongst the break-dancing Jesus and colourful buildings there were reams of charity and vintage shops, from which I gained a massive amount of 'stuff' - much to my money's despair. The rabbit-covered Cheltenham Road sign definitely made me feel very at home too! The weather was beautiful and I felt quite the accomplished person walking down the street with a funky vinyl case full of cheap records. 

Gloucester Road is know for its organic, independent establishments and previously held a protest against the infiltration of Tesco on that street. It's definitely an interesting one and absolutely worth going if you're ever in Bristol!



Insta Summary - Feb 2015

Another month already! I've done a lot lately, including a long weekend in Bristol where I spent all of my money in charity and vintage shops loading up on wacky things, and getting down and creating art.

1- A collage of eyes in my sketchbook for inspiration
2- Roses for Valentines Day!
3- A rad vintage vinyl case I picked up in Bristol
4- Modelling a wedding hat my sister made alongside the magnificent wall-hanging 
5- Capturing my twin's enviable boy hair
6- My (growing) hippy trouser collection

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