Gumball Dress - Part 2

This is the second part of this outfit post featuring the Ragged Priest 'gumball sweat dress' (still on sale here)! This dress doubles as a lazy Sunday dress as well which makes it super versatile and the fleece inside makes it especially comfortable. In the background of this shoot is my photography work from last year which I have finally put on display!

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Gumball Dress - Part 1

Following a recent lust over everything in The Ragged Priest - everything in there is literally amazing! - I splashed out on this pink 'gumball sweat dress' (which is now on sale here). I love it and it's soft inside which was a great touch. I teamed it with a new-old Topshop raincoat which I am also in love with right now because its holographic AND waterproof. I threw in the good old shiny office pumps, ripped tights and a bone necklace to finish a look perfect for the rainy spring days and when I feel like the world is not space-age enough.



Insta Summary - Jan 2015

I've been the culprit of a serious blogging hiatus for the last few months due to Christmas festivities and a wave of work coming in. I'll be back in soon posting regularly, so here's my latest month's worth of instagram.

1- "What do you look like without glasses and a fringe?" / getting ready for New Years Eve
2- Life On Mars? A gift which gives me unexplainable amounts of happiness
3- Peace playing in Birmingham - a beautiful (and crazy) gig
4- A graveyard shot in my latest Suki film roll 

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