Polar Tropics

Whilst on a trip to see what's happening in London's art world, I had to dress up warm to face the blistering British weather. So what did I choose? None other than this mega-fluffy Topshop coat, which makes central heating feel like the freezer section in Sainsbury's due to its heat-inducing layers.

I wore it with a new Topshop dress which is probably "too summery" but I love it! Funky jewellery and comfy Docs finish this look and get me on my way to galleries in a flash.

Words: Sophie
Photography: Tara Noor
Model: Sophie


Autumn Fur

Winter is here! And you know what that means? More winter coats than you could shake a stick at.

Today I'm showcasing a family heirloom, this beautiful dark fur coat. As well as being fluffy and seriously huggable, it's really warm which is useful for when taking photos outside in sub-zero temperatures. I've paired it with a gift from a friend which in my opinion is autumn-in-a-dress, and has got a slight bohemian vibe to it.

The knee high boots are my new-found saviour - I definitely recommend them as a season must-have, to keep your legs warm and look groovy. And you can wear them with almost everything, from dresses to skirts to jeans (the latter I have yet to try).

What's your favourite piece? Have you got your winter wardrobe sorted?

Words: Sophie
Photography: Hannah
Model: Sophie


Far Out, Far East

Usually I find that charity shops are a bit hit and miss. However, when you hit the jackpot it's truly the greatest thing ever. Hannah picked up this oriental masterpiece in Cheltenham, an absolute score on the vintage front. This Sargent Pepper vibe jacket is hand-embroidered The dress underneath, which was also a charity shop find, is a velvety number - and changes colour in different lighting!

As you may have noticed here, we've caved in to buying the classic black-suede-knee-high-boots, but with a twist. Due to our slightly tighter student budgets (let's be realistic) both of us managed to get boots at an affordable price from eBay. Did we mean to get matching ones? Maybe...

As the winter draws near, it's getting somewhat chilly in old England so get ready for our mass of winter coats coming soon to That's Groovy!

Words: Sophie
Photography: Sophie
Model: Hannah



Have you heard about Boohoo's new collab with Charli XCX? This season's new collection by our very own rad pop chick has landed and it's ready to rock. 

When Boohoo asked me to style a 90's inspired outfit, I immediately thought grunge (I have listened to my fair share of Pearl Jam and Nirvana). I picked out the mesh top because I've been looking for the perfect one for ages, to me it just screams 90's and I've found that it seems to go with everything. I paired it with this bralet which is rather groovy - I think Hannah is in the midst of stealing it - and it matched the mesh so well. I also got the jeans from Boohoo, and they are the most comfy things ever! 

To finish the look I added a charity shop flannel shirt (it was very cold), my beautifully destroyed Doc Martens and the earrings and choker as a homage to Charli herself.

So head down to her new collection while you can, as it's limited edition! My favourites are the sparkly slip dress, the sassy gladiator skirt, and the brightest yellow fur scarf I've ever seen.

Words: Sophie
Photography: Hannah
Model: Sophie


The Trip Out & Goodwood

As far as retro events go, we've seen it all! In September, Hannah, me and some others explored what Britain has to offer in the world of old vehicles, fashion and music.

The Trip Out

The Trip Out is one of my favourite events of the yearThis small but unorthodox party brings together some of the grooviest car and motorbike enthusiasts from all across Europe. But we're not just talking about enthusiasts that have a love for stock vintage motors that have come straight out of the factory. Oh no. We are talking about groups of people that have a passion for designing, building and altering their own rides. Practicality is thrown out the window as motors get faster, slicker, more outrageous.

This show also features groovy bands, this year there was a Doors tribute band The Doors Alive, who are the closest we'll ever get to the real thing. In the day there are vintage clothes stalls to peruse, skating competitions, a bomberdrome and of course The Meyer Dancers who are the grooviest go-go dancers ever! There is also the chance to win a custom motorbike every year, but we haven't managed to win one yet. Still, a funky weekend!

The Goodwood Revival

Whilst the Trip Out is a small event which focuses on alternative trends, The Goodwood Revival is one of the biggest vintage events in Europe, and engages with the history of motor sport. The dress code is either 40's, 50's or 60's attire, so of course we went for some 60's outfits!

There is so much to do including watching car racing on the Goodwood race track, going shopping and listening to the rad retro tunes - you could even spend the whole time looking in the car park to be honest. Amongst the jukeboxes and jerry cans there's a very real feel to the whole place - the high street installation featuring the 1950's Tesco feels so authentic that I'm sure I've travelled back in time.

Words: Sophie
Photography: Hannah and Sophie
Models: Sophie, Hannah and Oscar


Teal Tassles

What would you do if you saw the most beautiful unique jacket in the world, but only had a few pennies left? You'd buy it of course! Well I would. Especially if it's this green fringed suede masterpiece.

I came across this holy jacket in one of my favourite vintage stores Urban Fox, which has served me well in recent years, and fell in love with it immediately. Over the summer I've been wearing this piece so much that I feel it's become a part of me and seems to go with everything I own.

Here I've styled it with a Topshop velvet bralet, a vintage suede skirt (you can see my love of suede is extravagant) and River Island boots with knee socks. I threw on a few jazzy necklaces too - the shorter one was procured by Hannah from a festival we went to this year!

Have you ever come across a similar jacket or have a western fringed beauty at home and have no idea what to wear with it? A fail safe option is to go for a skirt in a coordinating colour or heavy jeans like the ones Hannah styled here. Match jewellery to the buttons and other metal features and off you go!

Words: Sophie
Photography: Hannah
Model: Sophie

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