London Loves

Recently I took a trip to London for artistic adventures, involving galleries and street wanderings galore. We called at the Royal Academy of Arts to view the Anselm Kiefer exhibition; a truly thought-provoking and inspiring presentation of painting, sculpture and photography - a must see. 

The National Gallery showed us exquisite mosaics scattered over the floor and gilded frames golder than ABBA's greatest hits. Swinging around Trafalgar Square felt rather Kinks-esque albeit the (slightly terrifying) street vendors, yet the winter chills and setting sun softened the scene showing London in a beautiful golden haze. 

Later on came the Tate Modern, a tranquil establishment of modern art. We witnessed a whole host of wonderful pieces, rooms, interactive set ups and - most importantly - the book shop, one of the best and most thoroughly art-filled I have ever been in the vicinity of. I also sought out a real Picasso before taking a stroll across the millennium bridge just across from the large brick building that houses the gallery.

We took a turn through London at the brink of the evening, lights up and Christmas festivities in order. Waving goodbye to London I felt a tinge of nostalgia from the days of visiting such art galleries as a child. I will forever and always recommend London for everything - especially art.



  1. Beautiful pics! I never made it to any of these places last time I was in London but I'm going to try and make the effort to go to at least one of them next time :-)

    1. Thank you! And of course there's so much to do in London, I definitely recommend the galleries x


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