Psychedelic Grunge

Today I have decided to show you one of my favourite outfits ever - one that probably gets worn too often. This results in scared neighbours and confused onlookers. Anyway, I was given these velvet leggings when I was younger and tossed them in a draw in disgust, only to realise years later that they are a rare beauty and are now a cherished part of my wardrobe. As for the denim jacket you have undoubtedly seen it in previous posts here and here, due to its unlimited wearability and functionality and the flannel shirt - stolen from my sister - thrown on adds a level of Seattle grunge. 

I also wanted to showcase this wonderful t-shirt which I picked up in my favourite local vintage store for £5. It is your typical rainbow tie-dye top made so much better with the print of a frog saying 'relax' on the front. To finish off the outfit Doc Martens are always the one and also details such as button badges and a homemade necklace.



  1. You look awesome!!
    So refreshing to see an outfit post of someone showing their personality. I love the shirt and leggings together!

    Best wishes, Danielle. x

  2. Absolutely love this!!! I love the layered look, denim jacket a classic and those crushed velvet leggings are to die for! I need them in my life! Looking fabulous lady! <3


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