Sally Can Wait

Song of the Week 14
Don't Look Back In Anger

This song has a very direct link to someone very close; someone who has sadly had to move away. We used to listen to it together so upon it hitting my eardrums every time memories surface of nostalgia and naivety - I feel this song perfectly encapsulates the emotions of a lost friend. Enjoy.



Sculpture Sepelchre

Last week I went on an art trip to Gloucester Cathedral to take a look at the free sculpture exhibition called The Crucible 2. As well as seeing some insane art pieces I witnessed the cathedral in its full beauty. 

Some of the floors were spectacular and so intricate.

These were my favourite stained glass windows because they flow and have a striking blue colour which reminds me of a Monet painting.

This piece is called 'The Anatomy of an Angel' and it is by the artist and sculptor Damien Hirst. I loved this piece and it brings back memories of seeing a giant version in London when I was younger.

And to finish, a giant squashed netball! The architecture of the cathedral was amazing and all the art work was really interesting and thought-provoking. I would definitely recommend popping down if you're in the area and having a look!



Feelin' Rebellious

Song of the Week 13
Rebel Rebel
David Bowie

More Bowie! Coming back from our sixth form icebreaker last night, I was reminded of this song due to its rather fitting title. I send this to people all too often and I will never tire of its punchy guitar and retro vibes - a Bowie victory for a fun night.



Stencil + Spray

I've been getting creative recently with plain t-shirts and spray paints. It all started when I was inspired by Joan Jett of the Runaways who has the famous Sex Pistols home made band t-shirt. Portrayed in the movie by Kristen Stewart I watched her quickly whip up this masterpiece so I just had to make my own.

I started by simply making a stencil of the chosen band - I'll never have to buy official merch at this rate! You can do this either by drawing and then cutting or printing out a picture if it's intricate. Don't forget to cut it out in inverse like above and keep the holes of the letters.

Then, all that's left to do is spray over the stencil onto a plain t-shirt - mine are from good ol' Primark. There are interesting things you can do like mixing colours and placing the stencil slightly apart to get a 3D lo-fi effect.

And that's it! I hope you liked this simple DIY for creating kick ass t-shirts, and remember there's a whole world of things you can create, you just got to think them up.



Psychedelic Grunge

Today I have decided to show you one of my favourite outfits ever - one that probably gets worn too often. This results in scared neighbours and confused onlookers. Anyway, I was given these velvet leggings when I was younger and tossed them in a draw in disgust, only to realise years later that they are a rare beauty and are now a cherished part of my wardrobe. As for the denim jacket you have undoubtedly seen it in previous posts here and here, due to its unlimited wearability and functionality and the flannel shirt - stolen from my sister - thrown on adds a level of Seattle grunge. 

I also wanted to showcase this wonderful t-shirt which I picked up in my favourite local vintage store for £5. It is your typical rainbow tie-dye top made so much better with the print of a frog saying 'relax' on the front. To finish off the outfit Doc Martens are always the one and also details such as button badges and a homemade necklace.



Ode to Demarco

Song of the Week 12
Freaking Out The Neighborhood
Mac Demarco

I heard about Mac Demarco through a variety of the free magazines in our independent music shop this summer - after browsing for hours and walking out of the shop stacked with free goods. This song really stood out because of the chilled out bluesy vibes and effortlessness, which make me just want to lie down, forget about the world and float into a mystical musical abyss. Also Mac is such a cool person, so bonus points!



Confetti + Gelly

More nail posts coming your way! I've decided to start showing some of the things I do to adorn  my nails in daily life... So here I've used the famous Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Blue Grape - a personal favourite of mine - and the super exciting Barry M Confetti in Sour Apple. The confetti is easy to just throw on over the electric blue to add texture and a bit of zing. Gelly nail polishes are everything they are made out to be; quick-drying, long-lasting and bright, which is why I keep it close.



My Next Girl

Song of the Week 11
Next Girl
The Black Keys

With the Black Keys' new album floating around and making waves I thought I'd travel back to the first time I ever listened to them - upon the release of the album Brothers. The bluesy beats and catchy lines make their songs so unique and interesting to listen to, I would definitely recommend giving the whole album a listen and of course their new stuff!



Jazzy Jars

Just a quick post on an easy way to organise - and brighten - up your life. And guess what? It's basically free!

Some say I have a thing for jars, yet in essence it's just that I like to go the cheap way when there is one. All you have to do to achieve jars of this colourful variety is wash out an old food jar (nutella ones are best) and use your imagination to decorate it in wonderful ways. For these ones I have used spray paints, acrylic paint, nail polish and the ever useful Tulip paint pens. 

Not only do they look cute, but they are very handy for putting art supplies in - especially ones you used to decorate them with in the first place!



Pretty Patriotic

Another outfit post from Goodwood! I decided to go for a 1950's style because it is fun and easy and
I had this perfect dress to wear. I made it a little while back and the pattern was inspired by Marilyn Monroe's Seven Year Itch dress with the shape. As I have a deep-rooted love for prints I chose this funky print which seems to go colour-wise with most accessorises in my wardrobe. The bag is a vintage beauty - and so functional! In the background you can see a red 1951 Auster aircraft and our 1952 Buick Super 8 car.

Check my other Goodwood posts here and here!



I'm a Space Invader

Song of the Week 10
Moonage Daydream
David Bowie

What can I say, this is a magical tune concocted by the man himself. This song turns me into an alligator-mama papa-space invader-rock n roller with the confidence of a Mick Jagger type. As the winter draws ever closer a little bit of glam is needed to supplement my life and add pizzazz as this song so rightly does. Time to get the glitter out!

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