Soft Grunge Sewing

Another outfit post! This outfit was inspired by Tumblr 'soft grunge', with the clothing and photography (you can find my Tumblr here). I made the dress myself, imitating this season's summery pinafores. I created a pattern from scratch, fitting it perfectly to my size and using check fabric and vintage green buttons. The dress is supposed to look girly and cute, with the added jacket and shoes keeping it fresh. I teamed the dress with a plain white t-shirt, vintage denim jacket, old Adidas gazelles and wacky socks. The necklace is a piece my grandmother bought me from South Africa - it is actually a bracelet, but I found it makes a nifty necklace. Extra images found on Tumblr.



  1. Thus dress is so cute! You're very talented


  2. Very talented, i love the dress and am a die hard lover of gingham myself! Love this look! Please make my clothes for me hahaha!!! <3


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