Brownstock 2014!

Last weekend my friend Hattie and I took an end of summer trip to Essex to attend the local festival Brownstock. We saw some groovy bands such as De La Soul, Razorlight and the Feeling and raved in the dance tent till the early hours of the morning. 

When not seeing bands and eating burritos, Hattie and I chilled out in the sun and soaked up the vibes. Around the site there were (slightly-out-of-tune) pianos dotted around for people to play and one of the small stages had vintage sofas in it.

One of the stages was a literal tree-house.There were also cute hammocks and hay bales!

Local to Cheltenham Young Kato

In the dance tent called "the Good Shed" there were amazing acts such as Shy FX, Stigma and Pendulum who were really rad and vibey.

We turned up not knowing what to expect, and straight away we were taken in by some friendly festival-goers. We made so many friends that weekend and met some super exciting people.

I'm feeling very nostalgic now that this long summer is over, so I just wanted to say that it has been utterly amazing and all the experiences and people I have met along the way have made it so much better. And on that note, tomorrow morning I'm embarking on my first day of sixth form. 
Wish me luck!


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