We're All Going On a...

A few weeks ago, I went on holiday to Padstow in Cornwall with my amazing friend Hattie. We spent days on the beach, had a brief visit to Boardmasters festival and went to the Eden Project all within a fabulous week in another dimension.

Here is me and Hattie with the giant bee sculpture at the Eden Project

During the first day of the holiday it was scorchingly hot so we spent hours and hours on the beach. The sea wasn't even cold - that is a rare but beautiful occasion in England!

See one of my beach outfits here

Inside the rainforest biome it was really humid. We were not prepared for the quick change of climate!

Boardmasters festival. We went on the Sunday for the day but sadly it was cancelled so we couldn't enter the arena. However we met our friends Hannah, Ellise and Louise and made the most of our (short) time there.

The gift shop at the Eden Project was almost as impressive as the rest of the site! I bought myself a funky cactus to add to my collection.

I took all of these photos on my favourite analogue camera 'Suki' which is an Olympus mju zoom 105. I shot all the pictures on 35mm film and above are pictures of the prints. You can see more Suki pics in "Festival Vibing" and "Nineties Threads"



  1. adore these photos! makes me wish i was going on holiday

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