Nacho and Friends

Here's a glimpse of my ever expanding cactus collection. I have decided to bring cacti into my life due to the seemingly effortless care they need and the beautiful and unique types that catch my eye.

This is the first cacti 'family' which I called the Nukes (long story). I bought these ones and the ones below from your everyday supermarket chain very cheaply.

This lil' family are called the Purps and were bought along with the Nukes. The pots for both of them were bought separately from the cacti - from a shop called Vinegar Hill. I thought the dainty little pots with holes were perfect and added the the cacti greatly. 

This is my most recent purchase cactus-wise. This is Nacho and it was bought at the Eden Project, from the fabulous gift shop. There were so many there and I could have bought them all yet I went for this one in the end because I thought it was pretty unique. The pot was originally your run-of-the-mill brown plastic pot so I customised to make it look funky and keep in with the Mexican theme. I used yellow and orange paint for the base and drew over it with red paint pen.



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  2. I love the Nacho plant pot it's so cute haha. You're making me want to go out and buy a whole load of cacti! xx

  3. How cool! At my old house where I lived as a kid we had a cactus and it was the coolest even though whenever I'd play soccer outside my ball would always go flat because of the cactus lol



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