(Not so) Blue Monday

Song of the week 5
Blue Monday
New Order

We're taken back to 1983 this week with my fav New Order track Blue Monday. I first heard it at a party earlier this year and from then it has been the anthem of most of my friends. If it's the first time you've ever heard it, don't worry it builds up. It's also perfect for raves because it is 7 minutes of total groove!



Nacho and Friends

Here's a glimpse of my ever expanding cactus collection. I have decided to bring cacti into my life due to the seemingly effortless care they need and the beautiful and unique types that catch my eye.

This is the first cacti 'family' which I called the Nukes (long story). I bought these ones and the ones below from your everyday supermarket chain very cheaply.

This lil' family are called the Purps and were bought along with the Nukes. The pots for both of them were bought separately from the cacti - from a shop called Vinegar Hill. I thought the dainty little pots with holes were perfect and added the the cacti greatly. 

This is my most recent purchase cactus-wise. This is Nacho and it was bought at the Eden Project, from the fabulous gift shop. There were so many there and I could have bought them all yet I went for this one in the end because I thought it was pretty unique. The pot was originally your run-of-the-mill brown plastic pot so I customised to make it look funky and keep in with the Mexican theme. I used yellow and orange paint for the base and drew over it with red paint pen.



We're All Going On a...

A few weeks ago, I went on holiday to Padstow in Cornwall with my amazing friend Hattie. We spent days on the beach, had a brief visit to Boardmasters festival and went to the Eden Project all within a fabulous week in another dimension.

Here is me and Hattie with the giant bee sculpture at the Eden Project

During the first day of the holiday it was scorchingly hot so we spent hours and hours on the beach. The sea wasn't even cold - that is a rare but beautiful occasion in England!

See one of my beach outfits here

Inside the rainforest biome it was really humid. We were not prepared for the quick change of climate!

Boardmasters festival. We went on the Sunday for the day but sadly it was cancelled so we couldn't enter the arena. However we met our friends Hannah, Ellise and Louise and made the most of our (short) time there.

The gift shop at the Eden Project was almost as impressive as the rest of the site! I bought myself a funky cactus to add to my collection.

I took all of these photos on my favourite analogue camera 'Suki' which is an Olympus mju zoom 105. I shot all the pictures on 35mm film and above are pictures of the prints. You can see more Suki pics in "Festival Vibing" and "Nineties Threads"



*Cowbell Solo*

Song of the week 4
Daft Punk is Playing at my House
LCD Soundsystem

This cracking tune always makes it to the party with its bumping beats and cool cowbell solo. In fact I've been listening to it all the time because it just sounds so good!



Let's Go To The Beach

Here is an outfit I wore to the beach while I was in Cornwall with my friend Hattie. The weather was beautiful so it was the perfect opportunity to wear this shirt which I bought from Topshop earlier this year. It has done me well over the last few months of sun and I love the retro vibes and print because of the summery feel!



Frankie Says Relax

Song of the Week 3
Frankie Goes To Hollywood

This song came back into my life this week, just out of the blue, when I bought the album 'Welcome to the Pleasure Dome' by Frankie Goes To Hollywood on cassette tape. Despite being a controversial song in 1984, it is still super funky and catchy and the electronic beats make it great for dancing to.



Electric Feel

Whilst having a  rave to MGMT last week in Bristol, I decided to grab the old DSLR and my trusty purple folder which I have used previously for "Double Purp" photography, and took some pictures to commemorate. Here you'll see my sister Hannah, my brother Oscar and me looking slightly whacked out. I've gone for a spectrum of pinks, blues and purples all accessorised with a Darth Vader cardboard cut-out (a uni must-have!)

This is definitely my favourite way of taking pictures - through a literal filter! It's just so fun and easy, even if you take bad ones its hard not to create a few amazing ones.



Festival Lookbook

With festival season in full swing and the sun out I thought I'd show you some of my favourite festival looks this summer. My sister is just about to embark on an August jam-packed full of festivals including Nozstock, Boomtown Fair and Green Man. Here are her main looks:

Look 1 - Daytime Bubble Blowing

This look is perfect for the daytime with the bright colours and easy pieces. The amazingly embellished top from Virgo's Lounge definitely stands out in a crowd and looks even better teamed with this vintage batik shirt from Bali. Then you can throw on some denim shorts and wellies with it and you're ready to go! Add bubbles and voilĂ ! 

Look 2 - Evening Lounging

The key piece in this ensemble is the kimono which is actually a reworked skirt from a charity shop. A thrifty way of working the kimono trend! The Indian inspired top is also another charity shop find that has been altered to be shorter and with the strip of embellishment on the front. Work them with vintage Wranglers jeans and New Balance shoes for a comfortable yet glam look.

Look 3 - Rainstorm Rave

This raincoat is an authentic nineties specimen, dug up from a world when oil slick brights were the colours of choice. This jacket look stylish and keeps you dry with the secret hood hidden in the collar. Playing with the colour theme, Hannah will be wearing it with greens, oranges, blues and browns. The rare oriental t-shirt dress from Textile Federation and the beaded headband give the outfit a nice hippy twist.

This has been the festival lookbook! I'd love to know which is your favourite outfit and whether you have been or are going to any festivals this year!



Get Lost On Me

Song of the week #2
Lost On Me

This is a fresh new track from Peace which I haven't stopped listening to all week. Literally. I'm loving the new songs Peace have put out recently for the new album - they're sounding really groovy and funky!



Office Pump Club

As of last week I have created my very own Office Pump Club! Ok, so I only have two pairs... and they are both a result of my mother's skilled eBay bargain hunting. Even so! I'm just excited to have gained these beautiful shoes which will slot nicely into my wardrobe and look super summery.

I have been pining for some holographic shoes for YEARS and now finally they are in my life. The quite chunky shape of this pair juxtapose nicely with the iridescent rainbow effect which I love.

This pair have a slightly slimmer shape and a loud funky print which gives off instant summery vibes. I especially love the little parrot peeking out the side!

So here has been a glimpse of my hopefully-soon-to-expand shoe collection of the pump variety. I definitely recommend these shoes because they are just so easy to wear and look ever so groovy. Watch this space for more!


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