Trippy Tresses

If you are an avid Instagram follower of mine you may have noticed recently that I have dip dyed my hair purple - in an attempt to pump up the summery vibes of the moment. I first dyed it nearly 4 weeks ago, and as a result of it fading, I (with the help of my artistic sister) redid it yesterday.

As you can see it is vaguely graduated at the front and the colour it pretty dark, yet still strong.

This was my hair during the first round of dye.

The dye I used was L'Oreal PariFĂ©ria in Violet Vendetta. My hair is blonde at the bottom so I didn't have to bleach it, therefore I put it straight on. The colour came out really strong and didn't damage my hair at all - in fact it became even more shiny than before! The only problem is that the dye faded quite badly after about 3 weeks so I've had to redo it. Even so, a success!



  1. Hair envy! Looks amazing and suits you very well. I've just cut my hair to a bob, so not ideal for a dip dye but I'm tempted to experiment with purple. xx
    Tash | Ballet, Dance & Fitness

    1. Thank you! My mum has a bob too and we dyed her hair purple underneath which looks really cool :)

  2. It looks really cool :-D


  3. Ooh lovely! It's like mermaid hair on the dark side! haha You really suit it.

    Best wishes, Danielle x


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