Office Pump Club

As of last week I have created my very own Office Pump Club! Ok, so I only have two pairs... and they are both a result of my mother's skilled eBay bargain hunting. Even so! I'm just excited to have gained these beautiful shoes which will slot nicely into my wardrobe and look super summery.

I have been pining for some holographic shoes for YEARS and now finally they are in my life. The quite chunky shape of this pair juxtapose nicely with the iridescent rainbow effect which I love.

This pair have a slightly slimmer shape and a loud funky print which gives off instant summery vibes. I especially love the little parrot peeking out the side!

So here has been a glimpse of my hopefully-soon-to-expand shoe collection of the pump variety. I definitely recommend these shoes because they are just so easy to wear and look ever so groovy. Watch this space for more!



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