Festival Vibing

This weekend I went to the local festival 2000 Trees!

This was my first festival with just friends and it was utterly amazing. It was two days jam-packed with music, sunshine, glitter, partying and awesome vibes. The amount of UV paint and glitter that was used each day was astounding. 

It's hard to put into words exactly what made it so great but ultimately it was the people who we were with (old and new) and the festival freedom which everyone feels. 

You can just be yourself.

Jess - Hattie - Holly - Eden - Annie
'Ain't no festival without portaloos'

Holly - Eden - Hannah

Jessie - Sophie D

There was a secret stage in this beautiful hidden forest - there were hammocks, hay bales and happy people.

Me - Eden - Hannah
Sitting in the sunshine wearing flower crowns and bucket hats.

Erin - Eliza
Bubbles made a frequent appearance; giving the camp a 'wonderland' feel.

Brittany - Sophie

We saw a band called Darlia at the (f)artrocker stage. They were seriously amazing and so grungy.

Eliza - Eden - Annie - Holly
Tent lyfe

Freya - Jessie - Hattie - Jacob
One of the best things about festivals is all the new people you meet. The guy on the right (the northern guy / churros guy) came all the way from a town near Manchester and enjoys the Mighty Boosh and Jack Daniels just as much as my friends.

The (not-so) silent disco

Erin - Louise - Daisy - Eden

One of the highlights of 2000 Trees festival was the silent disco on both nights. To sum it up it is basically 4 hours of hardcore raving and singing at the top of your voice which results in extreme happiness.

All of the pictures here were taken on my favourite film camera 'Suki' using 35mm colour negative film. 

Overall, it was a spectacular weekend at an amazing place and it just proves that no matter how small a festival is as long as you are surrounded by good people you can always make it fun. So if you're not already going to a music festival this year, why not?


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