Disposable Adventures #1

Recently, I bought a cutie disposable camera off the internet for £2. It brought me right back to the days when I wasn't trusted with a real camera so the bundles of paper-and-plastic were all I could use. Those were the days, eh?
Anyway, I was brought back to it through my interest in analogue photography, except I can't trust myself with a beautiful camera such as the Pentax ME Super on a night out. I wanted to capture the vibes I experience whilst on 'cloud nine' and a disposable camera is the perfect way. I use it up in a wild weekend in mid march and got the photos developed for £5 during the week. Sadly only 17 out of 27 photos came out (the thrilling unpredictability!) Here are some of them:

Holly - Oscar - Hattie - Eden - Cameron Y - Cameron N
This was in a graveyard outside of the gig we went to at the 2 pigs. When you look at the original image in the light there is a faint outline of a skull...spooky.

This is my friend Sophie inside Sound Music Venue.

This was at the start of a party at my friend Hattie's house. On the right you can see that the film overlapped with the next shot, which adds to the lo-fi feel.

Louise - Annie D - Oscar
This is a pretty rad picture which almost sums up the night. As you can see there is a saucepan set alight with the words of mundane literature.

Sophie - Oscar - Eden - Cameron Y - Cameron N - Hattie - Brittany
Trampoline shot.

Ellie - Eden - Annie V - Louise - Me - Daisy - John - Cameron Y - Oscar
This is one of my favourite pictures ever, taken by 'Nylon'. This was the morning after the party while we were waiting for lifts home, so the light was perfect and it was a beautiful day.

Ellie - Eden - Annie V
One of the only natural shots taken. I love how the sky has a perfect gradient and the landscape compliments it.

The end of the roll! The fiery strip never fails to amaze me.

So overall, I have to say disposable cameras are perfect for parties - especially as they are hard-wearing. Just remember that they are unpredictable, however this only adds to the fun!


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