Bristol Birthday

This weekend I went to Bristol with my sister and two brothers for my sisters 19th birthday! This included a trip to the aquarium, a disposable barbecue, bubbles, and groovy garments.

Trippy jellyfish in Bristol Aquarium. They were so mesmerising and we spent most of our time there just staring at them floating around.

Festival wristbands, a swatch watch, loom bands and the fish stamp.

Sea anemones teamed with UV lights look amazing and would not look out of place in a club or underground rave.

Spherical tanks are magical and make your eyes go crazy. It also gives you a sense of being inside there with the fish which is really cool.

Hoping to find an item of clothing replicating this anemone as its so groovy.

After the aquarium we spent some time on Brandon Hill overlooking the city. The weather was beautiful and the sunset even better. There's a tower there which you can climb up and see everything around you, which is an experience - totally worth the trek to the top. There are also cute little ponds dotted around and places to sit and chill out with friends and have a barbecue.

This was my outfit of the day:

T-shirt dress - Textile Federation in Topshop
Tights - Primark
Socks - Reworked old tights
Shoes - Vintage Adidas (so comfortable!)

I love this dress so much as it's really unique and the pattern is totally wacky! It fits in perfectly with the eclectic Bristol style and makes me stand out in a crowd.

Overall, a really groovy day!



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