Bristol Birthday

This weekend I went to Bristol with my sister and two brothers for my sisters 19th birthday! This included a trip to the aquarium, a disposable barbecue, bubbles, and groovy garments.

Trippy jellyfish in Bristol Aquarium. They were so mesmerising and we spent most of our time there just staring at them floating around.

Festival wristbands, a swatch watch, loom bands and the fish stamp.

Sea anemones teamed with UV lights look amazing and would not look out of place in a club or underground rave.

Spherical tanks are magical and make your eyes go crazy. It also gives you a sense of being inside there with the fish which is really cool.

Hoping to find an item of clothing replicating this anemone as its so groovy.

After the aquarium we spent some time on Brandon Hill overlooking the city. The weather was beautiful and the sunset even better. There's a tower there which you can climb up and see everything around you, which is an experience - totally worth the trek to the top. There are also cute little ponds dotted around and places to sit and chill out with friends and have a barbecue.

This was my outfit of the day:

T-shirt dress - Textile Federation in Topshop
Tights - Primark
Socks - Reworked old tights
Shoes - Vintage Adidas (so comfortable!)

I love this dress so much as it's really unique and the pattern is totally wacky! It fits in perfectly with the eclectic Bristol style and makes me stand out in a crowd.

Overall, a really groovy day!



Crack Baby Crack

Every week from now I will be doing a new post called "Song of the Week" in which I will be showing you my most played song from the week. You lucky people will get an insight into the wacky tunes I listen to all day!

Song of the Week 1st edition
Cracked Actor
David Bowie

At the weekend my friend re-introduced me to one of my favourite ever songs on my favourite David Bowie album. The grimy yet glam vibes in this song are just perfect. Enjoy.



She Changes the Weather

...like Swim Deep. Last week we experienced thunderstorms all across the UK and in traditional spirit I decided to get out there and try to capture the lightening on camera. Due to the layer of clouds in the sky and the general sunset aftermath the whole of the sky was drowned in pink whenever it was struck which looks amazing!

A pink flood of light.

Here you can see how the sky turns pink and also the crazy clouds.

Once the sun had slunk beneath the horizon the clouds descended and create a really eerie atmosphere. I've never seen any like this before - they look so textured!

My advice to everyone is to get out into the thunderstorms because they are grooviest things ever. Think of it as an exciting (and free) light show!



Trippy Tresses

If you are an avid Instagram follower of mine you may have noticed recently that I have dip dyed my hair purple - in an attempt to pump up the summery vibes of the moment. I first dyed it nearly 4 weeks ago, and as a result of it fading, I (with the help of my artistic sister) redid it yesterday.

As you can see it is vaguely graduated at the front and the colour it pretty dark, yet still strong.

This was my hair during the first round of dye.

The dye I used was L'Oreal PariFĂ©ria in Violet Vendetta. My hair is blonde at the bottom so I didn't have to bleach it, therefore I put it straight on. The colour came out really strong and didn't damage my hair at all - in fact it became even more shiny than before! The only problem is that the dye faded quite badly after about 3 weeks so I've had to redo it. Even so, a success!



Nineties Threads

Working simple denim and crop tops is an easy way to get the 90s vibe, and is perfect for the super summery weather we are having recently! Such things are usually found in vintage stores or charity shops and plain t-shirts can be picked up in most high street stores. 

Top - H&M
Jeans - Vintage Wranglers

Top - Missguided
Shorts - Vintage New Look 915

Picture taken on Suki the Olympus using 35mm film.


Festival Vibing

This weekend I went to the local festival 2000 Trees!

This was my first festival with just friends and it was utterly amazing. It was two days jam-packed with music, sunshine, glitter, partying and awesome vibes. The amount of UV paint and glitter that was used each day was astounding. 

It's hard to put into words exactly what made it so great but ultimately it was the people who we were with (old and new) and the festival freedom which everyone feels. 

You can just be yourself.

Jess - Hattie - Holly - Eden - Annie
'Ain't no festival without portaloos'

Holly - Eden - Hannah

Jessie - Sophie D

There was a secret stage in this beautiful hidden forest - there were hammocks, hay bales and happy people.

Me - Eden - Hannah
Sitting in the sunshine wearing flower crowns and bucket hats.

Erin - Eliza
Bubbles made a frequent appearance; giving the camp a 'wonderland' feel.

Brittany - Sophie

We saw a band called Darlia at the (f)artrocker stage. They were seriously amazing and so grungy.

Eliza - Eden - Annie - Holly
Tent lyfe

Freya - Jessie - Hattie - Jacob
One of the best things about festivals is all the new people you meet. The guy on the right (the northern guy / churros guy) came all the way from a town near Manchester and enjoys the Mighty Boosh and Jack Daniels just as much as my friends.

The (not-so) silent disco

Erin - Louise - Daisy - Eden

One of the highlights of 2000 Trees festival was the silent disco on both nights. To sum it up it is basically 4 hours of hardcore raving and singing at the top of your voice which results in extreme happiness.

All of the pictures here were taken on my favourite film camera 'Suki' using 35mm colour negative film. 

Overall, it was a spectacular weekend at an amazing place and it just proves that no matter how small a festival is as long as you are surrounded by good people you can always make it fun. So if you're not already going to a music festival this year, why not?



Disposable Adventures #1

Recently, I bought a cutie disposable camera off the internet for £2. It brought me right back to the days when I wasn't trusted with a real camera so the bundles of paper-and-plastic were all I could use. Those were the days, eh?
Anyway, I was brought back to it through my interest in analogue photography, except I can't trust myself with a beautiful camera such as the Pentax ME Super on a night out. I wanted to capture the vibes I experience whilst on 'cloud nine' and a disposable camera is the perfect way. I use it up in a wild weekend in mid march and got the photos developed for £5 during the week. Sadly only 17 out of 27 photos came out (the thrilling unpredictability!) Here are some of them:

Holly - Oscar - Hattie - Eden - Cameron Y - Cameron N
This was in a graveyard outside of the gig we went to at the 2 pigs. When you look at the original image in the light there is a faint outline of a skull...spooky.

This is my friend Sophie inside Sound Music Venue.

This was at the start of a party at my friend Hattie's house. On the right you can see that the film overlapped with the next shot, which adds to the lo-fi feel.

Louise - Annie D - Oscar
This is a pretty rad picture which almost sums up the night. As you can see there is a saucepan set alight with the words of mundane literature.

Sophie - Oscar - Eden - Cameron Y - Cameron N - Hattie - Brittany
Trampoline shot.

Ellie - Eden - Annie V - Louise - Me - Daisy - John - Cameron Y - Oscar
This is one of my favourite pictures ever, taken by 'Nylon'. This was the morning after the party while we were waiting for lifts home, so the light was perfect and it was a beautiful day.

Ellie - Eden - Annie V
One of the only natural shots taken. I love how the sky has a perfect gradient and the landscape compliments it.

The end of the roll! The fiery strip never fails to amaze me.

So overall, I have to say disposable cameras are perfect for parties - especially as they are hard-wearing. Just remember that they are unpredictable, however this only adds to the fun!


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