Sew fun

I'm one of those people which you would call 'thrifty'. The point being that I am too poor for couture. However I can lend my hand and sparse knowledge in situations in order to turn something useless into a wonderful, unique creation.

My example of this is a skirt which I picked up from Topshop in Bristol for £6.70 in the sale (bargain!) I love it because of the colour and texture, but I can't really rock long skirt so I thought perhaps I could transform it into a hot co-ord set! 

Here's how I did it...

Cut off the bottom section
Added slits
Hemmed skirt

Sewed in darts
Hemmed and added black velvet ribbon to bottom
Sewed buttons and buttonholes on back
Added black velvet ribbon for straps

I'm pretty proud of the finished thing(s) and what's more is that the top fits so perfectly that it feels like second skin. That is a definite perk of making your own clothes!



  1. Check you out Miss Talented! How cool is this?!

    Best wishes, Danielle x


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