In the Beginning...

It all started with a Polaroid.

Winter '04, aged 6, fresh from Sweden. My mother and father herded me in to the Santa's Grotto at my first ever Christmas fete to get a chat, present and quick pic with Santa himself. My friend and I each got a go (the excitement of it all!) and when it came to the picture I noticed the photographer holding up a big plastic box. A big flash came at me like a stroke of lightning and the next thing I knew, the photographer was waving a little square picture around, one that had protruded from the front of the big plastic box. "Blimey!" I thought. All I remember after that was being rushed out, bewildered by the magic I had just witnessed.

To anyone else, this is just a washed out picture of a badly-dressed child with an old man next to a Christmas tree. Not to me though. To me this is a memory printed on plastic. An instant memory.

This is me

This is my friend Lula

To add to my experience of photography in the winter of 2004, I received my first disposable camera for Christmas. I still have every picture I took and I have to say they are not bad for the mad ravings of a 6/7-year-old. It chronicles the adventures of Christmas, London and Howletts Zoo from the perspective of a child. I remember finding it very empowering to have my own camera. Enjoy.

     = Sophie =

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  1. Very sweet post. It's lovely to hear where peoples passion for things started.
    The photo with the Lemur is awesome.

    Best wishes, Danielle x


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