Glastonbury Throwback

With Glastonbury back on this weekend I though I would dig up the mound of images I took during that long, long weekend in an alternate universe.
My twin bro, my mum and me set off for a 5 day weekend, set with my DSLR ready to snap everything in sight. I managed to  take around 400 pictures but I could have taken so many more as there is tons to see!

On the Thursday evening we took a trip through the totally trippy Shangri-La and ended up on the hill overlooking the whole of Glastonbury. I took some pictures with bokeh effect and which I think shows the colours and the lights really well. 

This is the Arctic Monkeys on Friday on the Pyramid stage. Luckily the camera quality is pretty good so if you look closely you can see the silhouettes of people holding the bright flares.

There must have been at least 23576953 bins

The hippie part of Glastonbury

Flag vibes with Haim and Primal Scream

This was the crowd just before we saw the Rolling Stones. Apparently there were nearly 200,000 people there, and it definitely felt like it. The atmospheric vibes were amazing and the Stones were the best thing thing I've ever seen.


Sunday sunset

The big Glastonbury finale after Mumford and Sons. I could feel a shower of lighter fuel dripping down on us in the mosh pit.

Woah, what a weekend. One of the best in my life. I seriously recommend that you go at least once in your life and immerse yourself in this place, because it is like a whole town full of positive people and music and fun.



Sew fun

I'm one of those people which you would call 'thrifty'. The point being that I am too poor for couture. However I can lend my hand and sparse knowledge in situations in order to turn something useless into a wonderful, unique creation.

My example of this is a skirt which I picked up from Topshop in Bristol for £6.70 in the sale (bargain!) I love it because of the colour and texture, but I can't really rock long skirt so I thought perhaps I could transform it into a hot co-ord set! 

Here's how I did it...

Cut off the bottom section
Added slits
Hemmed skirt

Sewed in darts
Hemmed and added black velvet ribbon to bottom
Sewed buttons and buttonholes on back
Added black velvet ribbon for straps

I'm pretty proud of the finished thing(s) and what's more is that the top fits so perfectly that it feels like second skin. That is a definite perk of making your own clothes!



Sunbeams + 17

It's not often that I experience really tranquil vibes (I'm more of a raver) but I managed to capture an image last weekend atop Leckhampton Hill during an end of exams party. The sunbeams were amazing and it was such a beautiful day. What was going on behind is another story altogether!

With summer newly initiated, my brother Oscar introduced me to an amazing song which I think suits the image perfectly. I love it.

Youth Lagoon - 17

I hope your day is as beautiful as this song.



Double Purp

So this is one of my favourite photo shoots I've done...

...and it was due to spontaneous happenstance. I found some coloured folders and tested them out with the flash on my DSLR. I produced a makeshift filter by holding the translucent folder over the flash. However due to the flash being shockingly bright, we had to take pictures in the dark otherwise the images were too washed out.
Hannah - Billy - Oscar

So I collected together my siblings and we created a mad, flashing, purple-strobe-in-the-dark, psychedelic atmosphere.

The reason why we look like we've dropped acid is because we were in complete darkness which contrasted strongly with the flash as it was extremely bright and blinding.

Me - Oscar

Overall, I think we managed to get some powerful shots and created a gnarly vibe which I love.



In the Beginning...

It all started with a Polaroid.

Winter '04, aged 6, fresh from Sweden. My mother and father herded me in to the Santa's Grotto at my first ever Christmas fete to get a chat, present and quick pic with Santa himself. My friend and I each got a go (the excitement of it all!) and when it came to the picture I noticed the photographer holding up a big plastic box. A big flash came at me like a stroke of lightning and the next thing I knew, the photographer was waving a little square picture around, one that had protruded from the front of the big plastic box. "Blimey!" I thought. All I remember after that was being rushed out, bewildered by the magic I had just witnessed.

To anyone else, this is just a washed out picture of a badly-dressed child with an old man next to a Christmas tree. Not to me though. To me this is a memory printed on plastic. An instant memory.

This is me

This is my friend Lula

To add to my experience of photography in the winter of 2004, I received my first disposable camera for Christmas. I still have every picture I took and I have to say they are not bad for the mad ravings of a 6/7-year-old. It chronicles the adventures of Christmas, London and Howletts Zoo from the perspective of a child. I remember finding it very empowering to have my own camera. Enjoy.

     = Sophie =
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